Virtual Surgical Planning

mandibular reconstruction

Technological advances has revolutionized the way we plan for complex maxillofacial cases. We can take advantage of a virtual, computer environment to treatment plan and visualize anatomy in 3D. The surgical plan is then transferred to the patient through custom computer engineered surgical splints and cutting guides, improving accuracy and surgical outcomes. See how it can be used to plan for orthognathic surgery, maxillofacial reconstruction and TMJ prosthetic replacement.

Orthognathic Surgery

Treatment planning for orthognathic surgery (or jaw corrective surgery) involves the capture the patient in 3D anatomy using a CBCT scan. The surgery can then be reheased virtually. Osteotomies are performed in the desired location and pertinent vital structures can be visualized.Surgical splints are computer manufactured and enable accurate positioning of the jaws.


jaw corrective surgery


orthognathic surgery, jaw corrective surgery

Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Treatment planning for maxillofacial reconstruction involves removal of the tumor and reconstruction with bone from other parts of the body. This can be done accurately and efficiently in a virtual environment, giving us confidence going into surgery and enhancing outcomes.

mandibular reconstruction

virtual surgical planning, mandibular reconstruction,

TMJ prosthetic replacement

Treatment planning for TMJ prosthetic replacement involves removal of the joint and re-establishment of the patient’s bite. Sometimes, orthognathic surgery needs to performed as well to make everything fit perfectly. This technology allows us to plan the case in a virtual environment with increased accuracy and efficiency and create a completely customized prosthesis for the patient.

TMJ prosthetic replacement

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