If you are reading this page, then you most likely are in braces, and your orthodontist has recommended this treatment. A narrow maxilla, or upper jaw, can cause crowded teeth, nasal obstruction, or obstructive sleep apnea. Traditional dental expanders are only effective in younger children. After adolescence, a bone-based appliance using temporary anchorage screws is needed to create a skeletal expansion of the upper jaw.

Inland Empire Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons offers an innovative method of expanding your upper jaw with a skeletal-based appliance.

How Does MSE/MARPE Work?

The upper jaw is comprised of 2 boney halves that join together in the middle at the mid-palatal suture. Using digital technology (CBCT and intraoral scanner), an expansion appliance is fabricated to fit the patient perfectly. This custom-made appliance is fixated to the roof of the mouth with 4 screws.

Over time, the patient slowly turns the expansion device daily for several weeks so that it creates pressure on the mid-palatal suture to open up and create widening. For older patients or those with a denser skeletal profile, additional surgery may be required, such as drilling holes into the palatal suture or boney osteotomies.

A gap will form between your front teeth during treatment signifying the creation of space for your orthodontist to align your teeth and create the ideal smile and bite. The appliance will stay in place for 6 months as the suture forms new bone.

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