Upland, CA

Upland Map

Dr. Dudziak, Dr. Choi, Dr. Hicke, Dr. Zakhary, Dr. Paxman and Dr. Kim are oral and maxillofacial surgeons serving the Upland area. We provide the full range of surgical services to the mouth, jaws and face including: wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, bone grafting, orthognathic or jaw corrective surgery, TMJ surgery, facial trauma, oral pathology and more.

Many residents living in Upland, CA choose our practice for its convenient location and high level of care. We have a great working relationship with many of the dental professionals in Upland, CA to help serve your needs. We are conveniently located on Foothill Blvd (Route 66), and off highways 15, 10, 210. See our office map for more details. We also have privileges at San Antonio Community Hospital, which is located in Upland, CA.

Did you know?

  • Upland was a colony established by George and William Chaffey as a small, agriculture town based on citrus fruits and grapes
  • The highest peak in the San Gabriel mountains is Mount Baldy, which is about 9.5 miles north of the Upland’s northern border and caps out at 10,064 feet.
  • The city is rich in skateboarding culture and is famous for vertical skateboarding. The city is known as “Badlands” in the skateboarding community.