Oral Surgeons are surgical specialists.

Oral Surgeons are specialists who spend 4-6 years of surgical training after dental school through an accredited, hospital-based program. They train in all types of complex surgical procedures of the mouth and face, such as jaw reconstruction, facial trauma, prosthetic joint replacement, and removal of jaw disease. They are specialists in the bones of the jaw and face and receive extensive surgical training in dental implant placement and bone grafting procedures. Precise implant placement is critical for the longevity of the implant. Oral surgeons have the surgical expertise and training to deliver exceptional results for simple and complex procedures.

Through their hospital training, oral surgeons have extensive experience with CT scans or 3D imaging. This translates well with dental implant placement since 3D imaging with CBCTs is a must for proper treatment planning and avoidance of complications such as nerve injury. Most oral surgery practices will have access to specialized equipment and technology to allow for safe and predictable implant placement. 

Most dental implant treatment plans require other procedures that are best suited for oral surgeons. Most commonly, failing teeth must first be removed. Atraumatic tooth removal is a prerequisite to maintaining bone for either immediate or future implant placement. If there is bone loss, then bone grafting procedures may be required. These procedures, such as a sinus lift, can be complex and potentially hazardous and best treated in the hands of a specialist. 

Full mouth replacement with dental implants (All-on-4®) or zygomatic implants is a challenging and lengthy procedure that requires removal of failing teeth, reduction of bone and placement of implants in compromised sites or extraction sites. Again, the experience and comfort in bone surgery from training allow oral surgeons to best handle these procedures.   

Unfortunately, in dentistry, there are no regulations pertaining to who can perform dental implant surgeries. As a result, many dental providers place dental implants with limited exposure and training, resulting in poor outcomes and complications.  

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