Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Look, no one looks forward to having the necessary procedures carried out by IEOMFS - Anticipating an extraction procedure can be very stressful! However, during my recent procedure, the staff took great care making it easy for me to bear the experience of my molar extraction. Dr. Kim, Rebecca, and Ashlyn provided me with the highest level of care and made my experience as good as it could be, all things considered. They comforted my initial nervousness beforehand and took great interest in the level of my comfort during my extraction procedure. In the end, I'm sure they could have performed my extraction any quicker than they did - A mere 30 minutes passed from the time I entered the office, until the time I exited. I worried about pain after the procedure, but they took great care to have as little contact with my gums as possible during the procedure, and aside from light pain in the area of the extraction, I had no other pain. Honestly, I have experienced greater levels of pain from having my teeth cleaned! So if you need an extraction, I highly recommend IEOMFS. You can trust them to provide you with great care!

- Miles B

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