Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Paxman and the staff were very kind and professional. My wisdom teeth extraction went by like a breeze — I felt so comfortable going into and coming back out of it that I was like, "Hey, that was great. Let's do that again!" In the recovery area, one of the nurses and I went over what the recovery process was like and answered any questions I may have had. They provided me with a tropical smoothie, a take-home kit that proved very useful, and a set of clear instructions that left me feeling confident in my recovery. The next day, they even called to check in on how I was doing. Any discomfort or inflammation I felt over the next several days was minimal and easy to manage. Overall, I felt incredibly well taken care of throughout my first surgical experience. Thanks Janice, Tabitha, Lauren, and Dr. Paxman!

- Mikhail F

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