Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had a Wonderful experience and an Exceptional patient care at this Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon’s office in Rancho Cucamonga! Everyone was very professional and super nice and treated me so kindly. The front office took care of my referral and explained the treatment cost and my copay. All the nurses gave me the VIP care and were so professional. They made me feel at ease from the start of the procedure all the way to recovery. I received clear discharge instructions and a complimentary grande smoothie of my choice to go home with. What a service! My WOW factor was the Amazing outcome of my surgery which Dr. Christopher Choi performed. He thoroughly explained the procedure, answered my questions and put my mind at ease that I was going to be just fine. And I sure was! The twilight sedation was wonderful! I had no pain afterwards, very little bleeding and the swelling went down in just three hours! The incision site from my wisdom tooth extraction is healing so very well on my second day after surgery, and only so very slight discomfort. Amazing! I will definitely recommend Dr. Choi and this office to all who may need the service they provide because it’s just Outstanding! Thank you to All so very much!

- Mirela M

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