Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Matthew E. Dudziak, DDS,MD did my tooth implant several years ago. He did a wonderful job and I am very satisfied with the results. So I have had a torrid (like a bone spur attached to a tooth) for over a decade. Insurance does not cover its removal. Everyone including my dentist tried to talk me out of getting it removed. I heard lots of horror stories from friends who said it was very painful. But I’m 65 and window for getting annoying things like this fixed is closing. So I got another referral from my dentist, because Dr. Dudziak did great with my implanted tooth. And yes I had to pay for it. That being said, I am VERY pleased with my decision. That bump is gone. That bump always hurt when I had a cold. My mouth feels NORMAL. I did not have any bleeding afterwards. A little sensitivity that Motrin knocks out. I am very pleased. Every bad thing that they said might happen has not happened . Since this was not an aggressive torrid I do not expect it to grow back.

- Viki H

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