Zygomatic implants

zygoma implants

In certain situations where there is not much bone remaining in the upper jaw, implants can be placed in the cheekbone, or zygomatic bone to help support a dental bridge. This option avoids the need to undergo extensive bone grafting, decreasing both cost and time of treatment. Furthermore, treatment is performed typically in 1 surgery and the patient is able to go home with teeth same day.

In order to replace all your teeth, typically 2 zygomatic implants are needed (one on each side) with 2 more implants in the front, for a total of 4 implants. A temporary, all-acrylic dental bridge is created from your existing denture and this acts as a temporary while you heal from the surgery. After 4-6 months, a permanent hybrid prosthesis supported on a metal bar is created by your restorative dentist.