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For dental implants to be successful long term, they need to be placed in a good foundation of jaw bone. Unfortunately, sometimes the foundation is not adequate and requires a  bone grafting or re-building procedure prior to implant placement. Bone loss occurs in areas where teeth have been missing over extended periods of time. The only function of jaw bone is to support teeth, and when teeth are removed, the bone naturally resorbs, or goes away. Chronic infection, gum disease, or trauma can cause more pronounced bone loss. Using 3D CBCT imaging, we are able to assess the quantity of the jaw bone to see if you are a candidate for bone grafting.

Types of Bone Grafting Procedures

There are a variety of bone grafting procedures with different types of materials. The location of the problem and type of problem (width vs height) will determine the specific procedure required. The following is a list of commonly used bone grafting procedures.

Sinus Lift bone graft

When back teeth in the top jaw need to be replaced, the space is limited by the maxillary sinuses. These sinuses are air filled cavities in your cheek bones that are involved in breathing. Over time, the maxillary sinuses can become enlarged in a process called “pneumatization,” and limits the vertical space for implant placement. In these cases, the graft is placed in the sinus cavity to recreate the foundation. In most cases, dental implants can be placed at the same time as the sinus lift bone graft in 1 surgery. However, in severe bone loss, the sinus lift bone graft is done first and the implants placed at a second stage.

Socket graft

When teeth are removed, the hole that is left behind in the jaw bone is termed the extraction socket. The socket contains 4 walls and a floor and needs to be replaced with bone in order to provide the foundation for a dental implant. This process of bone replacement can occur naturally. However, when one of the walls of the socket is thin or lost (due to infection, gum disease, or position of the tooth), it needs to be replaced. The best time to do this procedure is at the same time as the tooth extraction.

Ridge augmentation

Ridge augmentation is general term that refers to rebuilding jaw bone that has been lost. Typically these are more extensive procedures that may requiring cutting the jaw bone or using titanium mesh.

Types of Bone Grafting materials

There are several different options for bone grafts and selection of material depends on the situation.

Autograft (your own bone)

The best option for a graft is to replace missing bone with your own bone. However, it requires a second surgical site in a different part of your body with additional risks and healing time.

Allograft (cadaveric bone)

Bone is harvested from a cadaver jaw bone and placed through a stringent sterilization process. The risk of disease transmission is almost non-existent. The material acts as a scaffold and resorbs or goes away over time and gets replaced by your own bone. It is typically used it routine socket grafts or in combination with other biologic materials.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rh-BMP 2, Infuse)

BMP-2 is an exciting new product that has been FDA approved for socket grafts and sinus lift bone grafts. It is found naturally in your body and stimulates the creation of bone-forming cells. Typically it is used in more challenging situations.

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