West Covina

West Covina Oral Surgeon, Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth, Dental Implants, Bone Grafting

Dr. Dudziak, Dr. Choi, Dr. Hicke, Dr. Zakhary, Dr. Paxman and Dr. Kim are oral and maxillofacial surgeons serving the West Covina area. We provide the full range of surgical services to the mouth, jaws and face including: wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, bone grafting, orthognathic or jaw corrective surgery, TMJ surgery, facial trauma, oral pathology and more.

Many residents living in West Covina, CA choose our practice for its convenient location and high level of care. We have a great working relationship with many of the dental professionals in West Covina, CA to help serve your needs. We are conveniently located on Foothill Blvd (Route 66), and off highways 15, 10, 210. See our office map for more details.

Did you know?

  • West Covina was one of the fastest growing cities in the US after World War 2, with the population increasing from less than 5,000 to 50,000 citizens in a 10 year period.
  • The City of West Covina was incorporated in 1923 by a group of local residents who wanted to maintain local control of their land and prevent the city of Covina from establishing a sewage farm within current city boundaries.
  • Baseball player Jason Giambi and football player Troy Aikman were born in West Covina.