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Minimally Invasive Sinus Lift Bone Grafting

Sinus pneumatization after tooth loss reduces the vertical height of bone in the posterior maxilla. Dental implant placement for upper molar or premolar teeth may require sinus lift bone grafting to restore this lost vertical height needed to accommodate the fixture. If a large amount of bone is required, a lateral approach has been traditionally […]

Immediate Implant Placement in Extraction Sockets

One of the obstacles a patient faces with dental implants is the length of treatment required. Traditionally, it takes two surgeries and up to eight months of healing after a tooth extraction to receive a new implant tooth. However, with improved implant surfaces and techniques,  we can now predictably place dental implants into the sockets of teeth […]

Cheekbone Implants (Zygoma implants), Teeth in a Day

When we lose our teeth, our jaw slowly loses bone over time. For patients with no teeth, dentures become increasingly difficult to wear. Dental implants can help anchor a denture, but sometimes the bone loss is so severe, we need to explore other options. A 50 year old patient presented with frustrations of a loose […]

Teeth in a Day, All on Four

The way we treatment plan patients with hopeless and failing dentition has evolved with dental implants. “Patchwork dentistry” can subject the patient to long treatment plans and big investments for unpredictable results. A young male presented to our office with the desire for brand new smile. Our treatment plan involved extracting his remaining teeth, placing […]