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Maxillofacial Trauma

“Beep, beep, beep…” I rolled over in bed to grab my pager off the dresser and flashing on the luminescent screen was the number to the ER. It was 2 am and I was tired, but my heart was racing. Two days into my intern year and I was on facial trauma call at Stony […]

The Odontogenic Keratocyst – An Old Lesion Revisited

I remember one particularly hot Friday in the office, as I sat down to review some radiographs with a toddler and her mother, I was called out of the exam room by one of our staff members, who had a particularly concerning look on her face. It turns out we had not one, not two, […]

Immediate Provisional Restoration of Implants

Imagine this: you are out to dinner with a group of friends, and someone orders your favorite appetizer—bruschetta. As you take your first bite of this extra crispy bread sensation, you experience a sharp, intense pain in tooth #8, which is accompanied by the sound of a “crack.” At first you think that some idiot […]

Minimally Invasive Sinus Lift Bone Grafting

Sinus pneumatization after tooth loss reduces the vertical height of bone in the posterior maxilla. Dental implant placement for upper molar or premolar teeth may require sinus lift bone grafting to restore this lost vertical height needed to accommodate the fixture. If a large amount of bone is required, a lateral approach has been traditionally […]

Supernumerary Teeth

Hyperdontia is a dental developmental alteration resulting in an increased number of teeth. The occurrence of hyperdontia is between 1% and 3.5% in the permanent dentition and 0.3% and 0.6% in the primary dentition, respectively. It is found more commonly in males at a ratio of 2:1. Though the location of the supernumerary teeth may have […]


One of the major risks of removing the lower wisdom teeth is injury to the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN). The risk of injury to the IAN ranges from 0.35% to 8.4% during wisdom teeth removal. This causes numbness to the patient’s lip and chin on the side of the injury. In majority of cases, the […]

Immediate Implant Placement in Extraction Sockets

One of the obstacles a patient faces with dental implants is the length of treatment required. Traditionally, it takes two surgeries and up to eight months of healing after a tooth extraction to receive a new implant tooth. However, with improved implant surfaces and techniques,  we can now predictably place dental implants into the sockets of teeth […]

Cheekbone Implants (Zygoma implants), Teeth in a Day

When we lose our teeth, our jaw slowly loses bone over time. For patients with no teeth, dentures become increasingly difficult to wear. Dental implants can help anchor a denture, but sometimes the bone loss is so severe, we need to explore other options. A 50 year old patient presented with frustrations of a loose […]

Teeth in a Day, All on Four

The way we treatment plan patients with hopeless and failing dentition has evolved with dental implants. “Patchwork dentistry” can subject the patient to long treatment plans and big investments for unpredictable results. A young male presented to our office with the desire for brand new smile. Our treatment plan involved extracting his remaining teeth, placing […]

Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

• There is limited space. Wisdom teeth may contribute to crowding of teeth, prevent eruption of second molars and may cause shifting of teeth after braces.1 Figure 1. Developing tooth #32 preventing normal eruption of #31. • Early removal is better. Younger patients heal faster and easier. When roots are not fully developed, the chance […]